The inspiration behind this book was Joan Vagg who has always enjoyed listening to her extended family reciting poetry. Many years ago she asked them to write down their poems so they could be compiled into a book, ensuring the poems would be retained and shared.

More recently Joan refined her idea into a book that could be sold to raise funds for Dementia Australia Research Foundation Ltd.

This book is a family affair compiled by descendants of two families who settled in western NSW in the 1870s and 1880s. The poets' forbears were Eliza and Ben Bryant from the Peak Hill area and John and Sarah Vagg from the Hillston/Booligal district.

The foreword to Back Block Bards was written by Tim Fischer AC (Former Deputy Prime Minister and ex Ambassador).

Move over Banjo Paterson, John O'Brien and even the Breaker Morant as here comes a new generation of living rough and ready poets of the 21st Century, namely the Vagg and Parker families from the Hillston area.

The poetry in this book is enticing and of a cracking, indeed whip cracking standard, I commend the book and the gems of poetry contained therein.

The relationships between the contributors are shown in the abbreviated family tree.

Abridged Family Tree

The locality map shows where each of the contributors resides.

Map where authors live